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Our Pastor

The Reverend Faith Hill is a native of Philadelphia. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from West Chester University and a Masters Degree in Theology and Bible from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Post Graduate Studies were taken at the C. G. Jung Institute of Analytical Psychology and Villanova University. She holds current certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resource Management.

The Elders

Lorraine Nicewinter
Norma Teta
Bob Teta
Roberta Kelly, Clerk of Session
Gwen Skalish

Servants of Our King

First Presbyterian Church will celebrate the retirement of Reverend Faith Hill at a special  luncheon on Sept 8 right after church. 
It's also her birthday, so it will be a double celebration.  Please plan to attend!
 Reverend Faith Hill is retiring for health reasons. She is retiring with a heavy heart but she says, with a joyful spirit. 
She came to our church as an organist and substitute pastor to fill in on vacation. In 2015, she became our pulpit supply pastor in the interim. . 
 She was born in 1945 in the Jewish hospital, now referred to as Albert Einstein Hospital. 
 Her Daughter, Debra resides in Washington DC. She married Don Hill in 1999. 
She graduated from West Chester University in music. She also graduated from Gettysburg Theology Seminary and  Eastern Baptist College and 
She was ordained in 1979 at the Royersford Baptist church. She has served in over 50 churches. 
She writes about her fondest memories:

  "When I Met Jesus". 
"As a child, I walked to school. When I was five I saw a school bus pass my house in the summer. One day the driver stopped when he saw me and asked if I was going to Bible School. I said I didn't know but that I would run inside an ask my mom and she said yes. Every summer for the next five years I went and that is where I met Jesus, When I was seven my mother bought me a ukulele and I would sit on the beach and sing "Jesus Loves me" People on Long
 Beach Island would gather around and sing with me. They would share their stories about Jesus with me. Getting on that bus is the best thing I ever did. Thank you Jesus for sending it around my street and for all the people telling their stories to me. 
One day my friend from Bible School crossed in front of the bus to her house. A car came speeding by the bus and did not stop. The car killed her and I started to cry then I felt arms being put around me even though there was no one there, I knew it was Jesus. Ever since that day I have not stopped telling this story because he is my Savior Lord and God and  I trust that He is yours also." 
She remembers with great Joy about Glenolden Pres as the place where she was able to Preach, Pray and Play in one service. 
Finally, Her wishes are that you remain faithful to the Word and follow the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and May God Bless you All.