First Presbyterian Church of Glenolden PA Guided by the Holy Spirit We share God's Love in the Community

Serving Jesus since 1840

“Come to me, all who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and gentle and humble at heart and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”


In 1840,we started meeting in a home then began breaking ground to build a church for our members. As our numbers grew, we had to build a horse and buggy shed out back. Our church grew over the years and we are blessed that we are still in our building.  We are doing a lot of renovation throughout the building, so please bear with us as we proceed forward repairing God's house.

Our Mission is to Share God’s Love into the Community.  Some of the ways we accomplish that are:

- Worship: Sunday 11am - After the Children’s Message the children go for their own Bible lesson and snack

- MEN'S BREAKFAST: 1st Saturday each month 8am

- CELEBRATION SUNDAY: 2nd Sunday each month we celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries with a light luncheon after worship

- Dinner and Movie: 3rd Friday each month 6pm everyone brings something to share and we enjoy movie time together

- Snacks for needy children in the local elementary schools

- Thanksgiving Day Meal Minstry

We welcome you to the First Presbyterian Church of Glenolden and invite you to be part of our Faith Community.

Free Prepared Thanksgiving Meal

What a success this year was for the First Presbyterian Church of Glenolden! God was good in providing everything we needed to be successful. We were able to reach out and deliver over 1200 meals to the needy, home-bound, sick, and homeless in over 38 towns. Sixty meals were given to The Praise and Worship Church in Chester; they put the meals in a Van and delivered them to the homeless.

Approximately 120 people came in to eat and they all took many meals home with them for later. While we were cleaning up, several people came in asking for meals and two elderly ladies sat down and enjoyed their meals with us. Several left over boxed meals were delivered to the Salvation Army by Norma and Bob Teta. Some left over food and pies were given to the NA group for their Speaker Jam which was a huge success. So in all, I think we gave out over 1600 meals. Yesterday, a woman came to our Church to personally thank us all for all the meals we provided to the community, she was amazed by what we were able to accomplish. We have received many phone calls and cards thanking us for your good works.

Every year, I wait to see who the Holy Spirit is going to empower to join us in this venture. It blows my mind every year to see the power of God in so many individuals. We had many new caring individuals who were touched this year and of course our faithful who come year after year. These Angels of God provided boxes, cranberry sauce, pies, rolls, gravy, turkeys cooked and uncooked, special breads, stuffing, and can goods. So many friends, family members, and concerned Churches, people and organizations from all over Delaware County helped us financially so we were able to buy all the food. Our numbers increase dramatically this year and the Cleaver Team of Angels spent a great deal of time running around buying us more food. I can’t begin to Thank You all for your hard work and generosity! In James 2:14-26, James is talking to the faithful, people who believe, that their good works will be rewarded with blessing in heaven. Well folks, you will have many rewards and blessing waiting for you in heaven. Please keep our Church in your prayers so we can continue to serve our communities.

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants, Well Done,
Elders Bob Teta, Bob & Debbie Hadden Gwen Skalish, Lorraine Nicewinter, and Norma Teta